incl. 3 month emergence exploration

Specially developed for leaders, trainers, and coaches who invested a lot in personal development programs and still did not receive full or lasting desired results.

You already know, you heard it many times, you see it, you can explain it, but you still are not able to integrate or change it.

It might seem strange but the more leadership development we do, the more we know, the more difficult it becomes to really change.

Every insight that is not implemented becomes a disbelief in our system. Every perspective that is not lived becomes a sense of impossibility. Resulting in a deep or superficial resignation of the growth strategies or doubt about the whole development knowledge.

The basic distinction that is missing in the integration is the difference between the Submerging Mind and Emergence.

Even successful people with 10+ years of self-development training, many times being trainers or coaches themselves do not recognize the distinction in their experience and therefore can not act on it.

The probability is very high after having followed many leadership or self-development programs that you have created new stories around your 9 avoiding & controlling strategies that are triggered in the Submerging mind every time 'you' or 'something' is still not good enough.

The breakthrough in this is found in simplicity.

Only simplicity can penetrate your complexity;)

Simpel but not easy...

That is why we will be with 2 teachers and only one explorer / participant. No where to hide. Ready for the ride?



- Individual program

- 2-day's with 2 teachers

- 3-months integration program of emergence exploration.

- incl. accomodation 

Prijs: €5.000,- exc. BTW